Jordi Alexander - CupherHunter

Jordi Alexander

CIO at Selini Capital.
JD Gagnon - CupherHunter

JD Gagnon

Co-Founder of Rome Blockchain Labs.
Hannu Kuusi - CupherHunter

Hannu Kuusi

Co-Founder of Rome Blockchain Labs.
Alexander Szul - CupherHunter

Alexander Szul

Co-Founder at Rome Blockchain Labs.
Kyle Davies - CupherHunter

Kyle Davies

Co-Founder and Chairman at Three Arrows Capital.
Steve Cho - CupherHunter

Steve Cho

Partner at Mechanism Capital.
Sawit Trisirisatayawong - CupherHunter

Sawit Trisirisatayawong

General Manager, Nebula Protocol from Terraform Labs.
Nipun Pitimanaaree - CupherHunter

Nipun Pitimanaaree

Lead Engineer & Blockchain Researcher of Alpha Finance Lab.
Stanford Liu - CupherHunter

Stanford Liu

Head Of Research at Terraform Labs.
Woojin Lim - CupherHunter

Woojin Lim

Building DeFi money legos at Terra, Pylon Protocol.
Shankar Ganesh - CupherHunter

Shankar Ganesh

Software Engineer at Apple.
Koushik Mohan - CupherHunter

Koushik Mohan

Frontend Web Developer at Opyn.
Zubin Singh Koticha - CupherHunter

Zubin Singh Koticha

Co-founder at Mechanism Labs.
Joseph Clark - CupherHunter

Joseph Clark

Mechanism Design at Opyn.
Anil Kadimisetty - CupherHunter

Anil Kadimisetty

Head Of Engineering at Opyn.
Wade Prospere - CupherHunter

Wade Prospere

Marketing, Community, and Growth at Opyn.
Andrew Leone - CupherHunter

Andrew Leone

Head Of Research at Opyn.
David Roon - CupherHunter

David Roon

Co-Founder, CTO at Tribute labs.
Tamara Frankel - CupherHunter

Tamara Frankel

Managing Partner, Co-Founder of Azoth Group.
Ava Howell - CupherHunter

Ava Howell

Core engineer at Penumbra Labs.
Chris Czub - CupherHunter

Chris Czub

Core engineer at Penumbra Labs.
Kenny Foner - CupherHunter

Kenny Foner

Core engineer at Penumbra Labs.
Jen Helsby - CupherHunter

Jen Helsby

Core engineer at Penumbra Labs.
Lisa Cuesta - CupherHunter

Lisa Cuesta

Building Aztec, investing/living in the future.
Rene Lubov - CupherHunter

Rene Lubov

Software Engineer at Celestia.
Robert Miller - CupherHunter

Robert Miller

Product Lead & Steward at Flashbots.
Gavin Birch - CupherHunter

Gavin Birch

Analyst making human-friendly education at Figment Networks.
Dean Eigenmann - CupherHunter

Dean Eigenmann

Co-Founder of Dialectic, formerly ENS.
Naval Ravikant - CupherHunter

Naval Ravikant

Founder & CEO, AngelList.
Viktor Bunin - CupherHunter

Viktor Bunin

Protocol Specialist at Coinbase.
Jutta Steiner - CupherHunter

Jutta Steiner

Co-Founder & CEO at Parity Technologies.
Henry de Valence - CupherHunter

Henry de Valence

Founder of Penumbra Labs.
Jeffrey Lo - CupherHunter

Jeffrey Lo

Founder of Lo Enterprises.
Brian Krogsgard - CupherHunter

Brian Krogsgard

Co-Founder and CMO at Flip.
Sam Hotchkiss - CupherHunter

Sam Hotchkiss

Founder and CEO at Flip.
Rare Vandal - CupherHunter

Rare Vandal

Web3 Misfit & Metaverse Builder.
Matej Galvanek - CupherHunter

Matej Galvanek

Partner & Research at Zee Prime Capital.
Jakub Gregus - CupherHunter

Jakub Gregus

Co-founder of HydraDX.
Mattia Gagliardi - CupherHunter

Mattia Gagliardi

Partner at Zee Prime Capital.
Alexander Opeagbe - CupherHunter

Alexander Opeagbe

Founding Partner at Dominance Ventures.
Ciara Sun - CupherHunter

Ciara Sun

Founder of C² Ventures.
Tom Preston-Werner - CupherHunter

Tom Preston-Werner

Co-Founder at Preston-Werner Ventures.
Daniel Keyes - CupherHunter

Daniel Keyes

Co-founder of SEPANA.
Drew Coffman - CupherHunter

Drew Coffman

One of he FWB governance committee.
Zachary Cole - CupherHunter

Zachary Cole

Co-Founder and CTO of SlingShot.
Michael Arnold - CupherHunter

Michael Arnold

Product Engineer focused on NFT Gaming.
Lili Lashka - CupherHunter

Lili Lashka

NFT subculture sculptor + diagram maker + rogue web3 designer.
Andrew N. Green - CupherHunter

Andrew N. Green

SVP, Operations & Growth at Stillfront.