Your vision, our mission.


0xVentures Introduction

0xVentures was started by The Bull and UncleBadgers, two DeFi Degens who identified a need in the DeFi space of increased clarity in projects while also providing a supportive community. 0xVentures is composed of like-minded individuals from all walks of life and professional backgrounds such as Finance, Forex trading, Developers, etc. Community members regularly discuss potential investment opportunities, TA on existing projects, and share mind-blowing Alpha. However, what makes 0xVentures special is the positive community we have fostered. This has helped navigating cryptocurrency and DeFi more fun and more efficient as the ability to consume knowledge is greater when there is harmony. As UncleBadgers says “I don’t need to 10x my portfolio when I have 10x my efficiency, knowledge and navigation.” We didn’t set out to be a well positioned small VC but our values, skill sets, and active participation in DeFi communities has placed us here. Our main goal, surprisingly, isn’t to make a ton of money, but it is a nice side result. Our main focus is as follows: Making sure all 0xVentures’ community members are prosperous and joyous in their individual lives; Be a Positive voice in the Crypto and DeFi community; Be a trusted and transparent contributor to the Crypto and DeFi community; Educate our members and help them become better versions of themselves; Help everyone find the path to financial inclusion and freedom. Currently 0xVentures is a centralized community and its decisions are mainly made by the few. This, as true DeFi believers, is not how we believe an organization should be run. The voices of the few should not outweigh the voices of the many. That is why the future of 0xVentures is as a DAO. We have strong convictions in keeping the community fully involved and providing everyone an equal vote on 0xVentures decisions. Our dedication to becoming a DAO and, in turn, our path forward being governed by our populace is evidenced by the shift of our procedures surrounding the onboarding of new members or selecting new projects to invest in.

0xVentures Portfolio