360 Mining, American Energy, Financial Independence.

360 Mining

American Energy, Financial Independence.


360 Mining Introduction

360 Mining is a distributed energy company that generates electricity via vertically integrated natural gas production; powering cryptocurrency miners when consumer demand is low and powering the grid when demand is high. 360 Mining’s responsibly generated electricity emits 25% less GHG and is cleaner than 65% of the leading energy sources that power the grid today. It is a first-of-its-kind Bitcoin mining company that embodies the self-sovereign ethos of Bitcoin by operating without any trusted third-parties. This is accomplished through the vertical integration of gas production, power generation and Bitcoin mining. 360 Mining is defining what vertical integration means for today's Bitcoin miners. By merging upstream oil and gas with distributed power generation, 360 Mining is condensing the entire power supply chain to a single site, unlocking complete autonomy across the operating model. The end result is reliable, inexpensive and non-expiring power without the counterparty dependencies traditional miners rely on.

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