Invest in companies applying frontier technologies to the impact space.


A100x Introduction

A100x invests in early-stage companies utilizing blockchain and artificial intelligence to build the next wave of internet applications in Web 3. This wave of innovation is beginning to produce viable products both for consumers and for enterprise. What the Internet did to the way we communicate will pale in comparison to the disruption coming in the way we exchange value, make agreements, and share sensitive information. As investors that foresaw and achieved stellar returns in the blockchain markets of the past five years, such as decentralized finance (DEFI) and non-fungible tokens (NFT), we now see a new coming wave of internet applications poised to disrupt a host of traditional industries besides financial services, such as supply chain, climate, and healthcare. A100x will stay laser-focused on disruption that delivers real products, not those that promote or enable pure crypto-asset speculation, and focus on risk management to limit exposure to regulatory risk and volatility.

A100x Portfolio