AAG Ventures

AAG Ventures

Create Economic Freedom Worldwide Through The Metaverse Economy.


AAG Ventures Introduction

AAG Ventures is a new Play-To-Earn tech company that is focused on building THE PLATFORM to democratize Play-To-Earn for creating economic freedom worldwide through the metaverse economy. Blockchain has revolutionized both finance and gaming with the advent of Play-To-Earn. Play-To-Earn enables people around the world to earn real money by playing video games. This novel concept has gained popularity due to the pandemic’s widespread impact on employment. Play-To-Earn has become a lifeline for people by providing income for medicine, rent, food, and other necessities. As Play-To-Earn games became more popular, the demand drove up the price and made them unaffordable to new players. A scholarship program was then created by some brilliant minds to provide access for new players to come in through a profit share scheme. With this as the catalyst, the Play-To-Earn space has exploded.

AAG Ventures Portfolio