Aaron Henshaw

Aaron Henshaw

CTO of Bison Trails.


Aaron Henshaw Introduction

Leading engineering for Maker Innovation at Etsy. Formerly co-founder of Grand St. Aaron is a Grand St. Co-Founder and application engineer. He handles our back-ends and makes our websites look exactly like they're designed. He always makes my day by saying, “I don't know whether I'm looking at the test build, or your Illustrator file.” Sailing from Miami, Aaron brought beach chillax and warm sunshine with him. A renowned chef (at least in the office), Aaron hosts numerous dinner feasts for friends and families. He's good at all sports but pool (Shocking!), and boasts that he could easily beat Dustin at ping pong. He delights in kale juice, Brooklyn Kitchen, and plans parties that the cops even love when they show up. Specialties: Software, Web Technologies, Mobile, Programming Languages, Economics, Social Media, Game Design, Technology, Basketball.

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