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Aaron Li is Founder at Qokka, Owner of hiddenstate.xyz. - I solve "impossible" problems via hiddenstate.xyz. I do several projects at the same time, while running my own operations. - I founded companies in crypto, ML / NLP, and e-commerce / POS. Bootstrapped twice. Raised ~$1M in the latest venture. - I am a software engineer by profession (15+ years). I build stuff end-to-end: from the bits and bytes, cryptography, distributes systems, all the way to javascript / 3D visualizations / simulations. - In another life, I spent an enormous amount of time on AI/ML/NLP. I won KDD 2014 Best Paper Award as lead author and have 400+ citations. - I lived and studied in Beijing (China), New Zealand, Australia, USA, before settling in Silicon Valley. One of the few self-represented immigrants granted with "Alien of Extraordinary Ability" residency from the US government. - I also find legal stuff intellectually stimulating (litigation in particular). My favorite type of work is appellate briefing, followed by trials and motions. I see law as mathematics and algorithms for human.

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