Alastair Band

Alastair Band

Head of Marketing and Communications at WWVentures.


Alastair Band Introduction

Alastair Band is Head of Marketing and Communications at WWVentures. We invest in seed stage Web3 and crypto projects, accelerating their growth through our unparalleled community and marketing opportunities. Working with awesome companies helping them to grow - Whether this is growing their team or their customers through marketing and sales I like to make an impact. Diversity and inclusivity - It's boring to work somewhere where everyone thinks the same. Let's change that. Technology - This is going to be part of our lives more and more. We might even become cyborgs one day. Blockchain / DLT is my main passion in this area, but I'm a big fan of Tech for Good and AI. I have 13 years commercial experience across recruitment, marketing, technology and professional sports. I live in France up in the mountains because I LOVE skiing and there's a lift 50m from my apartment. For the last 14 years I have been playing ice hockey at the professional and semi-professional levels. This past summer (winter) I played in New Zealand for the Skycity Stampede where we won the NZIHL championship. I have played for the Haringey Huskies and played for the Haringey Racers prior to that, where I captained the team from 2015 - 2017. More recently I have guested for the Morzine Avoriaz Penguins in some exhibition games. Ice hockey has taken me all over the world having played in Europe, Canada and even Australia and New Zealand. I am an outgoing and confident individual who has the ability to hold people's’ attention and communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds. My specialities include, but are not limited to; understanding business needs and assessing the need for blockchain within them (quite often it's not needed), taking complex technical subjects and turning them into bite sized chunks, community growth and development, assembling and managing teams for technical builds, business development, public speaking and coaching.

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