Aleph Zero

Aleph Zero

Finally, a new distributed ledger ecosystem that doesn't choke.

Aleph Zero Introduction

Aleph Zero is a new blockchain platform that is faster than most of the solutions built on top of existing technologies. It is a DAG-based protocol that while being fast and scalable, is still actually decentralized and secure. It comes with a whole ecosystem to enable developers to utilize Distributed Ledger Technologies to their full potential. We set ambitious goals and we are experienced enough to achieve them and optimistic enough to believe we can change the world. We deliver our results through hard work and we fight bravely for our values. We focus on teamwork with a team of experts who are hungry for knowledge. Within our team we value effectiveness and flexibility and with an open culture like open science we believe everyone’s opinion matters. Our open culture is what drives the growth of our state-of-the-art technology. We’re here to give #TeamAleph everything it needs to be a great project and achieve its vision.

Aleph Zero Team

Maximiliano Torres