Alex Bertomeu-Gilles

Alex Bertomeu-Gilles

Risk Manager at Aave.


Alex Bertomeu-Gilles Introduction

Alex Bertomeu-Gilles is Risk Manager at Aave, Director at The Blockchain Actuary, Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Member of the British Blockchain Association. I want to disrupt the financial industry building better services and granting more freedom to individuals with a focus on decentralised ledger technology and the exciting field of DeFi. I am a systematic thinker who uses analytics, economics and modeling to find innovative solutions. I can prepare business plans, presentations, research reports, financial models, blockchain models, tests and scenarios with the crucial help of my assistants Excel and R. In my years of experience in insurance, I have had the chance to learn the actuarial eye for detail, to lead global projects, the rigour of regulatory reporting, and strategy. Now I am broadening my horizons finalising my MSc in digital currencies, working freelance in the DLT space & trying to reinvent insurance.

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