Alex Herrity, Co-Founder of Anima.

Alex Herrity

Co-Founder of Anima.

Alex Herrity Introduction

Alex Herrity is Co-Founder of Anima, making the metaverse real. Career in evolving how people connect online and IRL, through social networks, messaging, visual media, AR/VR, web3, and gaming. Over a decade building products and teams, from idea to global scale. Led teams building Epic Games Store, Fortnite, HBO NOW, and Ultravisual (acquired by Flipboard). Led product, tech, and brand teams at Mint House, ranked the 4th hottest tech startup by Crunchbase and operated the #1 rated hotel in the United States on TripAdvisor. MBA from NYU Stern. Tabletop game designer. Dad to 3 boys.

Alex Herrity Work Experience