Andrea Kalmans, Founder at Lontra Ventures.

Andrea Kalmans

Founder at Lontra Ventures.

Andrea Kalmans Introduction

Andrea Kalmans is Founder at Lontra Ventures. She builds the Lontra Ventures investment portfolio with passion and energy as well as focus and discipline. Andrea loves learning and every step of the entrepreneurial journey, even the tough days. Andrea partners with dynamic founders tackling massive market opportunities and explosive growth rates. The portfolio is primarily targeted in: AI/ML, developer tools, enterprise software, IT infrastructure, and security with from delivery models ranging from self-service, SaaS and API. Andrea also has an evolving passion for social-impact enterprises in the healthcare space. Andrea’s strengths reside in identifying emerging trends and finding the best people to deliver that innovation. In her advising capacity, Andrea works side-by-side founders in crafting messaging to best drive sales business development as well as to achieve product/market fit. Andrea spends her time at innovation hubs such as Techstars and Capital Factory. Prior to joining Lontra Ventures, Andrea ran a $700 M Global P&L for Dell and worked in the Media Investment Bank of Salomon Smith Barney in NYC. She holds an MBA from UT, Austin and degrees in Finance/Economics from UW-Madison where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa.

Andrea Kalmans Portfolio