Andrey Balyasnikov

Andrey Balyasnikov

Head of Product at Zerion.


Andrey Balyasnikov Introduction

Andrey Balyasnikov is Head of Product at Zerion, an IT product manager with more than 8 years of experience. He led teams and launch products for more than 1 mln. monthly customers. Since I got my first computer for my 10th birthday, I have been very passionate about IT. While studying at university, my friend and I built a few IT startups, teaching ourselves along the way, experimenting with new ideas, and learning how to collaborate to build something as a team. Some of our projects were successful, but in the long run, all of them failed. To gain some real experience in the field I decided to join QIWI. It is the largest IT payment company in Russia where I relaunched Mobile QIWI Wallet for more than 1 mln users. After several saturated years at QIWI I joined a small group of people to disrupt a retail industry in Russia by launching a new company Evotor. We built the first-ever application marketplace and a SaaS billing system for businesses in Russia. Within the first two years, more than 500,000 companies became our customers. In order to combine my entrepreneurial skills with my big business knowledge, I joined Zerion - an emerging blockchain company in 2018. We develop cutting edge investment tools on the most democratic blockchain Ethereum. With our small team of experts, we are creating an impact to expand the world of investment, overcoming traditional borders. Our product allows people from all over the world to invest as little as $1 in any blockchain-based asset.

Andrey Balyasnikov Work Experience