Anthony DeMartino

Anthony DeMartino

Director, DeFi and Derivatives Trading.


Anthony DeMartino Introduction

Anthony DeMartino is Director, Head of DeFi and Derivatives Trading at Coinbase. An established and versatile Financial Executive with over two decades of experience running multiple financial services businesses across top level banks such as HSBC, Barclays, and UBS. Effectively hires, trains, and manages high performing international teams across South America, Asia, Europe, UK and US, mitigating risk and ensuring quality of service and product. A documented history of revenue and franchise growth through exceptional trading skills along with the ability to identify other key revenue streams, while effectively negotiating contracts and managing capital to create synergies and cut costs. An enthusiastic mentor to the next generation, inspiring new talent and encouraging entrepreneurship with current investments in start-ups. As a board member has proven skill at identifying areas of risk and opportunity within business plans and operations. Thrives on deeply understanding the business model, its challenges and execution strategies. Uses a consensus building, objective, and analytical approach to solving problems with a focus on regulation and optimizing outcomes inside a compliant framework. A keen interest in Fintech, Healthcare, Cryptocurrencies, Artificial Intelligence, Global Macro Investments, Real Estate, and Non-Profits with the desire to use expertise to optimize both growth and revenue generation with an eye on global regulations and compliance.

Anthony DeMartino Work Experience