Arcana Network

Arcana Network

The Storage Layer of Ethereum.

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Arcana Network Introduction

Arcana Network is the decentralised storage layer for ethereum. Any DApp building on an EVM compatible chain i.e. ethereum, Polygon (Matic)… can use Arcana for storage and so much more.

Arcana, previously known as Newfang, has been in the works for the past 2 years during which we have launched various iterations of the platform and also products built with our core tech - Skizzle.

Over the years, our view of storage as a simple commodity has wildly evolved to a point where we feel simplistic storage offerings do not do justice to what decentralisation and cryptography can make possible for devs and users of the applications they build.

Our hypothesis is that security and privacy considerations will be first-class citizens in every app’s stack. This will happen as a direct result of monetary and brand equity loss, pressure from Governments, Corporations and most importantly users.

But implementing robust security and privacy measures are neither trivial nor cheap. If one does manage an implementation, the resulting environments resemble walled gardens, which are really bad for the interoperability of the data.

Finally, the actual UX of available tools/platforms for Web3, is quite poor, requiring developers and perhaps even end-users to radically alter and re-learn established usage patterns.

There are quite a few storage platforms with their implementations, but they’ve neglected the specific adoption needs of developers. Ethereum has a burgeoning developer ecosystem that needs easy to use, robust tools to build secure apps and Arcana aims to build for this community.

Arcana with its stack of decentralised services not only makes it super easy for developers to implement but also directly impacts the lives of their users.

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