Athabasca Capital, Unlocking the Potential of Web3.

Athabasca Capital

Unlocking the Potential of Web3.

Athabasca Capital Introduction

Athabasca Capital is unlocking the Potential of Web3 - Active, focused, value investing in the world's fastest-growing asset class. We are a thesis-driven investment firm focused on supporting the great Web3 companies reshaping trillion-dollar markets. We are known for being forward-focused, independent thinkers who drive value through a hands-on approach. We partner with our portfolio companies and guide operational management, go-to-market strategy as well as competitive insights. As a crypto-native fund, we actively participate in networks via staking, vote locking, change proposals, and more. As we are intimately familiar with the crypto technology landscape and market structure, we leverage deep ties in the industry to source high-quality and differentiated protocols to invest in.

Athabasca Capital Portfolio