Avocado, Blockchain aggregator with a next-gen wallet.


Blockchain aggregator with a next-gen wallet.


Avocado Introduction

Avocado is the next-generation smart contract wallet, which enables you to perform multi-network transactions, with an in-built account abstraction utility - while you're connected to a single network, Avocado. This completely eliminates the need of switching between different networks. As soon as you're connected to Avocado network, a deterministic smart contract - algorithmically linked to your wallet address (such as Metamask) - is created in a completely non-custodial manner. When you initiate a transaction on a chain from your Avocado wallet, you will benefit from the same level of security as you would if you would transact directly on the chain. There's no difference. You get the same security but with a better UX. For all the transactions on or through Avocado, gas is paid in USDC. This waives the need to manage multiple native gas tokens for each network. You can add gas from any chain, and pay for gas on any chain.

Avocado Investors