Axie Quest, Powered by Axie Builders Program.

Axie Quest

Powered by Axie Builders Program.

Axie Quest Introduction

Axie Quest is a new world where Puzzle-Matching and RPG collides, bringing Lunacians on a quest for treasure, glory and fame! Powered by Axie Builders Program. Puzzle Hunt is a game based on match-3 puzzle genre with a twist of exciting RPG elements. The game is designed based on the well known Axie Infinity NFTs. Players will be able to bring their Axies from Axie Infinity into an exciting quest in Axie Quest world. Explore and challenge the Wild Hunts using each Axie unique abilities, they are set to repel the wild monsters from bringing danger to the Axie Quest world. While the journey may be filled with challenges and brute forces, precious loots and magical artifacts can be found in the depths of the wild providing generous rewards at the same time strengthening the force of the Axies. In the Axie Quest world, in order to take-on the wild monsters, Axies help each other to train in the Axie Gym, enhancing their battle skills and preparing for the next big challenge in the Wild Hunt. The royalty of the Axie Quest world, rewards Axie adventurers who are able to show great courage and exceptional skills in The Arena. The strongest and mightiest Axies will have their name in the hall of fame shown on the leaderboard, the whole world cheers for them!