The first consensus-aware JS bitcoin project.


bcoin Introduction

Suite of fullnode implementations for BTC, BCH, LTC and HNS. Enterprise-level Bitcoin and Blockchain libraries. Built for businesses, miners, wallets, and hobbyists. Bcoin is an advanced fullnode implementation built with JavaScript/NodeJS. It is easier to use, faster to learn and more well-documented than competing implementations. Bcoin is the first fullnode implementation built specifically for production systems at scale. Originally created to be used as backend infrastructure for Purse.io, Bcoin enables companies to spin up consumer-grade bitcoin applications/wallet systems without the long-term concern of scalability, and security. Included natively is a REST API, and a legacy JSON RPC API; both let you easily interact and manage large scale wallet systems on multiple blockchains. Large scale e-commerce company processing many transactions? Online wallet provider? Bcoin has wallet accounting built right in, making user fund management even easier.

bcoin Team

Nodar Chkuaselidze
Matthew Zipkin
Mark Tyneway
Javed Khan
Andrew Lee
Buck Perley
Matt Zipkin

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