Benjamin DeMann, Software engineer at Demergent Labs.

Benjamin DeMann

Software engineer at Demergent Labs.

Benjamin DeMann Introduction

Benjamin DeMann is Software engineer at Demergent Labs, building Azle, Kybra, and Sudograph for devloping TypeScript, Python, and GraphQL for the IC. I love learning new things, and I have been very fortunate to be able to experiences a wide variety of programming environments in my time. I've worked on embedded systems, web components, android apps, and python scripts just to name a few. I care a lot about making sure the user has a good interface to work with. It shouldn't just be functional but also beautiful. The user should have a good experience regardless of if the interface is the command line or a website. All my text editors have vim plugins, GNOME 3 is the best, and I wish Windows did more bash. My love languages are Python, TypeScript, C/C++, and Java I write tools for Houdini and Nuke. I am working at DreamWorks Animation as a Technical Director in the Lighting Department. I graduated from BYU with a major in Computer Science and an Emphasis in Animation. When I am not programming I will often be spending time with my family, playing Minecraft, or going on a walk.

Benjamin DeMann Work Experience