Beryl Li

Beryl Li

Co-Founder at Yield Guild Games.


Beryl Li Introduction

Beryl Li is Co-Founder at Yield Guild Games. She was Consultant at Unionbank of the Philippines' innovation arm, UBX, where she product owned its investment platform to auction off foreclosed assets and to offer real estate backed digital assets. She is the Innovation officer at Studex, an animal conservation platform that aims to clone and preserve endangered species like Sudan, the last male white rhino. Beryl was the founding CEO of asset token platform, CapchainX. She was a founding team member and Entrepreneur In Residence at, a leading crypto exchange and blockchain payments startup in Asia that has recently been acquired by GoJEk. Her experiences include backtesting trading algorithms at BlackRock London as an FX Quants Consultant as part of her GCP at Cambridge and authoring the Philippine Roadmap for Digital Startups, a framework in building the Philippine startup ecosystem, as Senior Consultant at the Department of ICT. She started her career in early stage Venture Capital in Shanghai in 2012. Beryl holds a Master of Finance degree from Cambridge University where she sat as President of the Cambridge University Cryptocurrency Society. She attended Stanford University earning an International Management Certificate during the summer quarter and earned her bachelors in International Business, Finance and Economics at Manchester University.

Beryl Li Work Experience