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Bity provides crypto finance services and products for individuals and businesses all over the world. We work as an exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat money through the blockchain. We offer a cryptocurrency exchange platform, a network of BTMs / CTMs (cryptocurrency teller machines) in Switzerland, crypto to fiat and fiat to crypto online bill pay and money transfer solutions, APIs for businesses, over-the-counter trading and affiliate programs. Founded in January 2014, our company, as a Swiss-based FinTech startup, is positioned at the intersection of finance, technology and innovation. We connect people with the collaborative economy by simplifying the conversion from traditional money into cryptocurrencies and Blockchain assets. Our Mission is to build a universal cryptocurrency gateway that provides secure and reliable products and services. Our Goal is to empower digital nations. As a Swiss company, we manage ourselves within a legal environment, with a high regard for data protection and privacy, and a strong financial ecosystem. We are the Swiss gateway to cryptocurrencies for a decentralized future.

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