Making Sense of Blockchain.

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Block123 Introduction

Block123 is building an open data library and curation tools that help everyone make sense of the industry.

We’ve gotten beyond irrational exuberance, and beyond the point where we can say, “this is just growing pains!” We think we’ve gotten so excited about the 10 year plans for crypto that we’ve neglected the short-term risks of our collective behavior.

Historically, the cryptic nature of blockchain technology and the insular group of experts has deterred the vast majority of enthusiasts from learning and embracing cryptocurrency and blockchain fundamentals.

We’re starting small, and collecting simple, straightforward, non-proprietary and non-controversial information on all of the top cryptoassets.

Block123 will demystify the inner workings behind the technology and make it accessible to all. Anyone with an interest in learning more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, privacy, decentralization, etc. Not only investors, dapp developers, and regulators alike will have a tool to reference in order to fully understand what is happening in this industry or associated cryptoasset. In short, it would be the data layer for the new crypto economy.

The “Bloomberg of crypto” will be a network, not a centralized company. Block123 will some day act as equal parts investor portal, self-regulator, peer-review system, and directory for cryptoassets.

If we design the Block123 library and incentives structure the right way, it will become the single source of truth regarding the most important data on thousands of current and future cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, and tokenized securities.

Block123 is building a global, inclusive community of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. If you are looking for your tribe, this is it — because it’s everyone’s tribe!

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