BLOCKJOY, Node infrastructure for everyone.


Node infrastructure for everyone.

BLOCKJOY Introduction

BLOCKJOY brings node infrastructure for Blockchain developers, Staking-as-a-Service companies, API-as-a-Service companies, Nodes-as-a-Service companies. Easily deploy and manage enterprise-scale blockchain nodes on any infrastructure for up to 80% less than the cloud. We built advanced tooling to optimize validator management for teams of two. But, due to the sheer difficulty of installing and running nodes, our little VaaS company grew crazy fast. We quickly realized that VaaS can’t work for a network because it centralizes control. We turned our platform into a SaaS tool so that anyone could launch and run their own node with full control over where and on what infrastructure it runs. Now, network operators can run their own nodes; BlockJoy just takes the headaches away.

BLOCKJOY Investors