Blueberry Protocol, Unifying the DeFi experience.

Blueberry Protocol

Unifying the DeFi experience.

Blueberry Protocol Introduction

Blueberry unifies the DeFi experience: Aggregating, Automating, and Boosting Capital Efficiency for top DeFi Strategies. Blueberry provides next-gen tools for DeFi yield strategists to enjoy new on-chain capabilities and a superior user experience. Blueberry combines an internal lending market and "position NFTs" that combine a user's collateral, debt, and deployment into one position. This allows users to utilize up to 6x leverage for their yield strategy deployments of choice. Positions are sent to liquidation at a -85% or -90% PnL depending on the collateral supplied, so it is recommended to users close losing positions prior to liquidation. Blueberry enables leverage into the best of DeFi as an aggregator of existing strategies: leveraged long yielding positions, delta neutral/pseudo delta neutral yield strategies, and finally our own custom Uni v3 Strategies.

Blueberry Protocol Investors