Universal governance dashboard and SDK for DeFi and protocols.

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Boardroom Introduction

Boardroom is a universal governance dashboard and SDK for DeFi and cryptocurrency protocols. It aggregates the most important governance events, votes, and updates across DeFi and Layer 1 cryptocurrency protocols.

Boardroom is an integrated governance and communications management portal providing an easy and flexible solution for stakeholders to exchange a wealth of governance information, insight, and participation tools.

The goal of the portal is to enable token holders, issuers, and protocol politicians (delegates) to understand the governance processes they hold influence in and allow them to frictionlessly participate across different protocols.

The lack of structured discourse and deliberation forums have hindered the subsequent governance and decision-making processes. Telegram, Slack, Twitter, etc... are plagued with spam and cannot be used as community signaling tools. Despite their efforts to explore fair ownership and power, it is difficult for founding teams to gauge whether their project facilitates a diverse stakeholder pool.

There is often miscommunication, misalignment, and minimal feedback between stakeholders. Seemingly "informed" decisions are still siloed, centralized, and carried out behind closed doors. We envision Boardroom as an infrastructure layer that can facilitate stakeholder identification, communication, discourse, and voting tools that help projects properly manage their governance in the long run.

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