Bramah Systems

Bramah Systems

Distributed ledger security expertise by ThreatKey, Inc.

Bramah Systems Introduction

With decades of security and distributed systems experience, our experts focus on the minutiae of system security so you don’t have to. While cybersecurity pricing has long lacked transparency and pricing regulation, we provide fair, predictably priced security services that are easy to navigate. Our services follow clear and deliberate industry standards and we strive for transparency at every stage. Whether reviewing minimal modifications or an entirely new platform, we provide deep security diligence at every stage in your corporate lifecycle. Incorporated in New York City in 2019, Bramah Systems is a boutique cybersecurity firm focused on security engineering and secure code review. We focus on ensuring our clients achieve the highest level of verifiable security possible. Having built scalable security systems and performed comprehensive code reviews of software that protects billions of dollars in transaction volume daily, we know the idiosyncracies of distributed systems and the solutions to secure them. We’ve designed and implemented numerous systems which integrate with nearly every facet of the distributed ledger platform. If your organization is interested in leveraging distributed ledger technology (“blockchain”) in any capacity, Bramah Systems can provide the security and implementation assurances that you and your organization’s stakeholders require.

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