Brandon Ramirez

Brandon Ramirez

Co-Founder of The Graph, Edge & Node.


Brandon Ramirez Introduction

Brandon Ramirez co-founded The Graph with Yaniv Tal and Jannis Pohlmann. As Research Lead, he designed the system-level architecture and economics of the protocol. He also defined the product and developer experiences that are being used by The Graph’s first users to learn about and use the network productively. His prior experience as a product owner and software engineer on data intensive applications (Excel, Mulesoft), his longtime interest in economics and behavioral science, as well as his academic experience in robotics and control systems have all influenced his approach to designing The Graph. Brandon believes the decentralized application stack is about to hit an inflection point that will unlock a Cambrian explosion of new applications built on public infrastructure. These applications will be unstoppable, interoperable by default, and redistribute power from large tech platforms back to end users. The Graph not only enables this transition but is a case study in how a platform offering mission critical functionality can be built and governed in a decentralized manner.

Brandon Ramirez Work Experience