Protocol for Decentralized Margin Trading.

bZx Introduction

bZx is a protocol on the Ethereum blockchain designed to integrate into 0x-standard relays and on-chain DEXs. Currently, on the mainnet, the bZx protocol now allows DEXs powered by both 0x and Kyber Network to offer shorting and leverage. It consists of an open base layer protocol that performs the essential functions of escrow and interest disbursement. The second layer of the protocol can be freely built upon to include many additional features such as ultra-fast margin settlement and pooled lending. The bZx protocol already has a functioning high-speed margin settlement system on the second layer, unlike any other solutions, allowing leverage and shorting of even the most volatile ERC20 tokens. The bZx protocol has integration with six different 0x relays already underway.

bZx Team

Tom Bean
Nick Sawinyh
Kyle Joseph Kistner