Calvin Ayre, Founder of Ayre Group.

Calvin Ayre

Founder of Ayre Group.

Calvin Ayre Introduction

Calvin Ayre is a celebrated entrepreneur and a fierce advocate for original protocol Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only public blockchain capable of realizing the ‘Satoshi Vision’ of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto. He is also the founder of the Antigua-based Ayre Group (Ayre.Group). From humble origins on a Canadian pig farm, Ayre became an online gambling pioneer, building his Bodog brand into a global powerhouse in digital entertainment and ultimately landing his face on the cover of the Forbes’ 2006 Billionaires issue. Shortly thereafter, Ayre ceased his active role in Bodog’s gambling operations in favor of launching the Ayre Group, which focuses on venture capital, real estate, media, resort development and Bitcoin. In 2015, Stefan Matthews, the then-head of Ayre’s venture capital arm, introduced Ayre to Dr. Craig Wright, the Australian polymath behind the Satoshi pseudonym. The trio shared a mutual distaste for the unwarranted restrictions imposed on Bitcoin by self-interested developers and resolved to return Bitcoin to its more robust and capable origins. This goal was accomplished in 2018 through the restoration of the original Bitcoin protocol in the form of BSV. Ayre has no time for the casino mindset prevalent in today’s utility-averse, speculative ‘crypto’ exchange sector. Instead, Ayre Ventures invests in companies that take advantage of the BSV blockchain’s unparalleled data management and valuation capabilities, as well as its ability to power Web3 operations with its ultra-low transaction fees. Ayre Media includes, which focuses on the original Bitcoin protocol BSV. Ayre also organizes the London Blockchain Conference series, the world’s largest government and enterprise proof-of-work public blockchain events. The next conference takes place at London’s QE II Centre from May 31 – June 2, 2023. (Details at Ayre currently resides in Antigua, where he oversees his Calvin Ayre Foundation charitable arm. In 2018, Ayre was named the Antiguan Halo Foundation’s Philanthropist of the Year at its annual Wings of Charity event.

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