Cameron Teitelman, Founder and Chairman of StartX.

Cameron Teitelman

Founder and Chairman of StartX.

Cameron Teitelman Introduction

Cameron Teitelman is Founder and Chairman of StartX. Helped develop and grow over 700 companies ~ 1700 entrepreneurs, from pre-seed to pre-IPO stage, working across a wide spectrum of industries including consumer internet, enterprise software biotechnology, clean tech, medical devices, physical products/ retail. To date, StartX companies have raised over $5.5B with a $9M+ funding on average per company. StartX is an organized educational network of Stanford's top founders. We have an accelerator program that supports ~ 120 companies a year and a venture fund with Stanford and Stanford Healthcare. I founded the first startup accelerator formally affiliated with Stanford University. Providing student and alumni entrepreneurs with support to increase their chances of succeeding in their venture. We do this through removing information, network, and resource barriers and supporting with lifelong skill development.

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