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Canaan Introduction

Established in 2013, Canaan has been both the world-leading developer of supercomputing chips and the manufacturer of digital blockchain computing equipment as well as the supplier of overall scheme for computer software and hardware of digital blockchain. The equipment manufactured by Canaan has been sold to many countries and regions around the world. The total hashrate of Bitcoin mining machine products accounted for 19.5% of the global network computing power of Bitcoin by the end of 2017. The founders of Canaan has been working hard in the blockchain field for many years. From Icarus, the FPGA-based digital blockchain computing equipment in 2011 to the first ASIC supercomputing chip A3256 for digital blockchain computing in the world and the corresponding mining machine product of Avalon 1 in 2013, Canaan's R&D team has created the ASIC era of digital blockchain computing equipment through innovative solutions and efficient project implementation. Soon afterwards, the mass production of 28nm chip products in 2015 marked Canaan's began to enter the field of advanced semiconductor manufacturing procedure. The mass production of 16nm products in 2016 meant that Canaan became the pioneering company in the advanced manufacturing procedure in Mainland China. In 2018, Canaan succeeded in tapping out the 7nm chip, thus, Canaan has led the world in the field. Based on chip design, Canaan has always maintained a very high R&D investment. It constantly challenges new manufacturing procedure driven by the design of system integration, proposes new design concepts and puts them into practice, making the performance, quality and manufacturing process of the Canaan's products maintain a leading level internationally. In 2016, taking the pursuit of breakthrough design idea and the technical pursuit of strengthening cutting-edge technology as the core propulsion, Canaan deployed artificial intelligence chip development plan based on the mastered high-performance computing chip design capability. Through the capacity of integrated solution, Canaan launched the first generation of artificial intelligence chips that can accommodate neural network models with 2 years of development in 2018. Besides the evolution and breakthrough in chip research and development and hardware manufacturing, Canaan also makes the chip as a strategy combined with matched software management system and solutions, injecting a diversified application into the field of artificial intelligence. Providing another market strategy for edge computing, and creating a new era of artificial intelligence with developers. We,CANAAN CREATIVE CO.,LTD. provide the services including systemization of information into computer databases, fiduciary services such as servingas fiduciary representatives, as well as computer programing and computer software design services to our clients. In the future, Canaan will maintain inspiration thinking, promote the breakthrough development of artificial intelligence and devote itself to lower the threshold of entering artificial intelligence, making artificial intelligence enjoy faster development through mutual promotion with Internet filed. Adhering to the ultimate pursuit idea of overturning traditional technology, Canaan will stand at the new starting point facing future technology driven by excellent chip design and strive to constantly challenge itself, expecting to become the new engine of human progress. (We work on Electronic chips for the manufacture of integrated circuits;Systemization of information into computer databases ; Currency trading; Fiduciary representatives; Computer programming and Computer software design.)

Canaan Team

Kevin Shao