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Catapult Introduction

Supercharge your DAO Onboarding with Catapult. Create & manage dreamy onboarding experiences for your DAO. Our co-founders, Rav & Greg collided with a shared vision, of making DAOs accessible to the next billion. Rav built one of the largest decentralised newsrooms in the world, and obsessed with DAOS, he tried to turn into an early media DAO in 2016. He then went on to be an EMEA Lead at Facebook where his team were responsible for onboarding some of the leading media companies in the world onto new products. Greg was a researcher at Cambridge University and previous Gates scholar, working in mathematics and computer science. He's worked on topics in algorithmic game theory, the theory of algorithms, protocol development, and questions of governance and economics, whilst also having been mentored by some of the world's leading experts on algorithms and cryptography.

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