CerboAI is building the decentralized AGI network. Sparse AI Training. Privacy-preserving data market for AI. Distributed Network: CerboAI has established a distributed network that allows multiple nodes to participate in the training and inference of AI models. The distributed network structure eliminates single points of failure and improves the stability and robustness of the system. Open Collaboration: CerboAI encourages open collaboration and shared technology. By establishing partnerships with various research institutions, developers, and enterprises, CerboAI promotes the sharing of knowledge and resources, driving innovation and progress in AI technology. Decentralized Decision-making: CerboAI adopts a decentralized decision-making mechanism, ensuring that the system’s decision-making process is not controlled by a single entity. This mechanism is based on consensus algorithms and distributed protocols, making decisions more fair and transparent. Security and Privacy Protection: CerboAI places great emphasis on security and privacy protection, adopting advanced encryption and security technologies in its design and implementation. User data and privacy are well-protected, ensuring that they are not misused or leaked.