Chain Reaction, Disrupting Blockchain and Privacy.

Chain Reaction

Disrupting Blockchain and Privacy.

Chain Reaction Introduction

Chain Reaction is engineering the future of disruptive blockchain and privacy technologies. We accelerate compute performance, enabling companies to adopt and scale solutions to the world’s most complex problems. Partnering with cloud and data centers, we transform compute infrastructure with custom ASICs and systems that optimize for energy efficient, high-performance compute. Our 3PU™ (Privacy Preserving Processing Unit) dramatically accelerates real-time operations of Privacy Enhancing Technologies on encrypted data, transforming the cloud into a trusted environment, enabling verticals that rely on confidential big data to use the cloud (including financial institutions, healthcare & big pharma, defense & government, and oil & gas). Purpose-built and custom-designed, our solutions power the next generation of secure, scalable, green computing to help protect people, privacy, and the planet.

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