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Chainstride Capital is a new crypto-focused venture fund. Watch this space. We find, invest in, and incubate the newest and most cutting-edge crypto startups. Chainstride is replete with crypto experience. Our founders have a combined 40+ years of crypto investing, coding, and strategy experience. Chainstride works with thought leaders on a number of social platforms, tailored to the needs of each client. Our reach is in the hundreds of thousands. Chainstride employs a team of dedicated researchers in order to locate emerging trends and technologies before they become widely known. Chainstride and our associated influencers maintain vibrant social communities, which foster organic growth and development. Chainstride works with in-house blockchain engineers and Solidity developers to deliver value to our clients and investees. Chainstride offers dedicated marketing, technical and strategy advice, based on years of crypto startup experience.

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