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Chinaccelerator Introduction

We are operated by the global venture fund SOSV Accelerator VC with $500M+ AUM operating six global accelerators. SOSV began supplying startups with rocket fuel 20 years ago. Our in-house expertise takes the Lean Startup method and adopts a data-driven approach to help the startup to accomplish market entry. In a six-month program, we help startup find product-market fit, obtain users, and monetize in the context of China and Asia.

Twice a year, we handpick a small number of promising startups and invite them to join our accelerator program in return for 6% equity. We then invest $30,000 USD via convertible note (terms based on your next round of funding at a 20% discount). The startups move to Shanghai for 3-6 months minimum; the first three months is the intensive accelerator portion of the program where we help build out their China product/market fit, local team and growth strategies, closing out the program with a focus on financial modeling and refining the pitch to investors. Each cycle culminates in a Demo Day, where the startups present their companies to a carefully curated, invite-only audience. Then our team gets to work getting you funded, which means not only finding and encouraging investors (including ourselves), but also closing them! But Chinaccelerator doesn’t end on Demo Day; the startups are encouraged to work from the Chinaccelerator offices rent free until the start of the next program and to continue to take advantage of all our resources. We have a vibrant alumni network who contribute to and share in the resources of the program wherever they go, capstoned by our annual SOSV Skydive event that brings together our 300 portfolio companies, 500 mentors, all of our friends and co-investors, and of course the SOSV team of 57 people from around the world.

You are not joining an accelerator; you are joining a family of hustlers and visionaries committed to changing the world.

Chinaccelerator Investors

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