Chris Adamo

Chris Adamo

Co-Founder of Flamingo Capital.


Chris Adamo Introduction

Chris Adamo is Co-Founder of Flamingo Capital, Investor, Advisor, Co-founder and Community Bridge Builder. As a highly successful bridge builder, investor, advisor, and leader, I pride myself on having an adaptable and creative hustle with a results-focused, team-oriented attitude to get things done. Currently investing in ideas that can positively innovate the world around us through Flamingo Capital and focused on growing the Letterhead platform from WhereBy.Us. I create, grow and manage relationships to create opportunities in impactful and thoughtful ways. That's what I do in all aspects of life, with an emphasis on making a worthwhile impact and while focusing on communities/organizations I love. I'm a seasoned strategic business development creator with an entrepreneurial spirit with 3 decades of experience launching, developing and managing partnerships with leading brands across multiple industries, focusing on Community, Web 2 and 3, Social, Media, E-commerce, Luxury, Consumer goods, Music, Sports, Finance, Retail, Entertainment, Events, NFTs, and Non-Profits. I'm always looking to make positive connections with people and brands. If I can help you in any way, just ask, it truly makes me happy to see projects come together. From Fortune 500s to startups, I enjoy getting involved with new ideas and always moving and looking forward. There is always a way to find a solution, just figure it out! Things that keep me excited: connecting others, exploring and traveling the world with my friends and family, discovering new and interesting people + ideas, sharing new findings to inspire others, LEARNING on a daily basis, not knowing everything, a daily sweat, music is all forms, and always staying hungry.

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