Disruptive technology requires disruptive investors.

CoinFund Introduction

Through investment, expertise, and network engagement, CoinFund is actively shaping the future of decentralization technology. CoinFund is a cryptoasset-focused investment and research firm founded in 2015 and based in Brooklyn, New York. We have supported the development of the blockchain space from the inception of the first decentralized networks. CoinFund is a highly multidisciplinary team bringing together engineering, mathematics, financial analysis, social science, and product expertise in blockchain. CoinFund directly engages with decentralized networks and contributes support to companies designing blockchain protocols and applications. We provide network services, team time, and resources to our portfolio companies.

CoinFund Team

Austin Barack
Leidina Dervishi
Christian Murray
Devin Walsh
Dmitriy Berenzon
Alex Felix
Oleg Golubov
Jake Brukhman
Seth Ginns