Consensys Labs

Consensys Labs

Capital, networks, and an accelerator program tailored for web3.

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Consensys Labs Introduction

We invest in open protocols, infrastructure, and applications that provide contributors greater agency and shared value.

Consensys Labs is the venture arm of Consensys, investing in exceptional teams across three tiers:

Investments: Seed-stage investment fund which invests in decentralised protocols, infrastructure and applications, leveraging Consensys' experience as one of the earliest investors in and developers of Ethereum-based projects and dev tooling.

Tachyon: Accelerator for early-stage blockchain and Web 3.0 startups

Relays: Distributed hackathons for makers, builders, entrepreneurs and the crypto-curious to rapidly iterate towards proof-of-concept businesses

Founders engage with Labs at the tier that best fits their stage of growth and development as entrepreneurs. Relays are for founders beginning to experiment with the development of a product, whereas Tachyon will help you prepare for pre-seed investment. Finally, through our early-stage investment fund, Labs invests pre-seed, seed, and follow-on Series A capital into best-in-class technical teams building open protocols, infrastructure, and applications that provide contributors greater agency and shared value.

From day 1, founders are able to engage with the Labs global community of advisers, developers, and industry experts, and benefit from ConsenSys’ resources in technical, legal, and HR expertise. In parallel, we are able to adapt our investment of capital and resources to match the evolving needs of the teams as they grow and develop their companies.

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