ContextFree, Canary Network for Automata.


Canary Network for Automata.

ContextFree Introduction

ContextFree, Automata’s Canary Network. With ContextFree, we are taking the first step to battle-test the code ahead of Automata Network‘s Mainnet launch, before it goes live for everyday Web3 users. A canary network borrows its name from the historical usage of canaries as an early warning system in mines to detect the presence of carbon monoxide. In much the same way, ContextFree is the proving ground to plot out issues and gather constructive feedback as users try out the network under much more dynamic conditions. To that end, we have also introduced a network dashboard to display the ongoing activity and performance of ContextFree at The deployment of a live blockchain can be fraught with risk — A canary network allows the system to run through its paces under a plethora of real-life scenarios, which loops back into development for the Mainnet. ContextFree, as a canary network, mirrors the trajectory of Mainnet Roadmap. From first operating as a Proof of Authority (PoA) chain maintained by Automata nodes, the network will in due course transition into permissionless and decentralized Proof of Stake (PoS) mode, operated by a set of community validators. Functionalities, such as token transfer and token bridge, will also be unlocked as the network successfully advances through its various phases. With the confidence that ContextFree is operationally stable and running smoothly, the canary network will then enable its governance system, entering a higher order of decentralization and setting the ground to enable subsequent Geode functionalities.

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