Copernic Space, The Web3 marketplace for space assets and capital.

Copernic Space

The Web3 marketplace for space assets and capital.

Copernic Space Introduction

Copernic Space is the marketplace for companies and individuals to buy space assets and invest in the space projects of tomorrow, today. We're enabling the democratization of access to the space economy through a Web3 platform which scales commercialization and financing for space companies while allowing everyone to participate in the NewSpace economy. We use innovative technology and models to scale up the commercialization and financing of the space economy, so millions will better benefit from space assets. Space enterprises can better manage and monetize their digital space assets while the global market benefits from an easy way to discover and access them. The digital marketplace for the global space economy allows entities to commercialize their digital data, software, and IP, as well as get support for their project. An NFT and Smart Contract powered platform, Copernic Space enables these “digital Space assets'' to be commercialized globally with trust and security on the Copernic marketplace. Asset ownership and payment transfers are tied to smart contracts and executed through a blockchain-based system(SmartOffer), allowing for automatization and simultaneous value transfer related to digital Space assets such as satellite data. Equally important on the Copernic Marketplace is the “SmartFund” feature that allows the public to provide funding of various kinds to these private and public space projects on the marketplace.

Copernic Space Investors