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Cudl Finance is an experimental game and currently in beta developed by the VeryNifty the team, who is also behind NFT20 . Any risks you take using this platform are your own. This is not an investment vehicle. Caution is advised. Pet your NFT to mine $CUDL (an ERC20 token) once a day. Use $CUDL to buy different foods for your Pet and move up the leaderboard. The higher you are on the leaderboard the more $CUDL you'll mine daily. Use $CUDL to get MILK and improve your Pet in the bazaar. Careful though, if you don't buy food for your Pet and your countdown reaches 0, your Pet can die be burned from your wallet. Watch the leaderboard for dead Pets that have left the game - you can claim 20% of their points by clicking the grumpy cat icon and burn other users NFTs.

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