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Modular Bitcoin full-node microservices API server architecture and utilities toolkit to build scalable, secure and featureful apps and services without trusted third parties. An open-source self-hosted API which allows you to spawn and call your encrypted overlay network of dockerized Bitcoin and crypto software projects (virtual machines). You can use it to build Bitcoin services and applications using your own Bitcoin and Lightning Network full nodes. It is an alternative to hosted services and commercial Bitcoin APIs such as, Bitpay, Coinbase, Blocypher, Bitgo, etc. It is a substitute for the Bitcore and Insight software projects. If aims to offer all advanced features and utilities necessary to operate entreprise grade Bitcoin services. We provide a curated list of functions using multiple software, but you can build your own private ones or add yours as a default option in the project. It is designed to be deployed on virtual machines with launch scripts, but with efficiency and minimalism in mind so that it can also run on multiple Rasberry Pi with very low computing ressources (and extremely low if installing pre-synchronized blockchain and pruned). Because of the modular architecture, heavier modules like blockchain indexers are optional (and not needed for most commercial use-cases). For a full-node and all modules, prepare 350GB of space and 2GB of RAM. Hardware wallets (ColdCard, Trezor) will be utilized for key generation and signing (using PSBT BIP174), as well as for connecting to self-hosted web user interfaces. It is currently in production by, Canada's first and largest Bitcoin payment processor, as well as Bitcoin Outlet, a fixed-rate Bitcoin exchange service alternative to Coinbase which allows Canadians to purchase bitcoins sent directly to their own Bitcoin wallet. The docker containers used in this project are hosted at The project is in heavy development - we are currently looking for review, new features, user feedback and contributors to our roadmap.

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