Daedalus Angel Syndicate, Blockchain focused angel collective.

Daedalus Angel Syndicate

Blockchain focused angel collective.


Daedalus Angel Syndicate Introduction

Daedalus is founders helping founders, more than a web3 angel collective. In Greek mythology, Deadalus was an inventor, architect, and master craftsman. Trapped in a maze with his son Icarus, he fashioned wings of feathers and wax to help them escape, warning the boy not to fly too low or too close to the sun. Drunk with power, Icarus ignored his father’s advice and was immediately rug-pulled into the ocean. Icarus - like many blockchain upstarts - needed guidance but opted to go it alone, wasting potential and causing his own demise. At Deadalus, we provide crypto innovators with the necessary tools, strategy and insider know-how to make sure they don’t repeat the same mistake.

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