Dan Steren, Co-Founder of Demergent Labs.

Dan Steren

Co-Founder of Demergent Labs.


Dan Steren Introduction

Dan Steren is Co-Founder of Demergent Labs, a full stack web developer based in Lehi, UT. I started my career in front-end development using Angular, Vue, and React with both JS and TS. I later moved to the backend working in a modern (read RoR + GraphQL + Vue) Ruby on Rails codebase. I have experience with SOAPy?, RESTful, and GraphQL APIs; day-to-day database modeling; third party integrations (both blocking and non-blocking); and architecting compartmentalized, organized codebases. I enjoy building high-quality, reliable software that solves complex problems and makes a positive impact on the world. I'm less about performance algorithms and micro-optimizations, and more for simplifying convoluted processes in complex industries. I believe strongly in code organization and maintainability (Thank you Domain Driven Design). If you're trying to move fast and break things I'm not your guy. If you want stability, and reliability, I am. As I look to the coming years, I hope to build something outside the box that leaves a lasting mark on the world. I'm particularly excited about blockchain and the democratization of apps, where the users of a platform have a say in its governance. In particular I'm looking to build on the Internet Computer blockchain. If you are looking to build something like that I'd love to hear more about your project and may be interested in joining.

Dan Steren Work Experience