Daniel Lehnberg

Daniel Lehnberg

Product Manager at PokerStars & Independent Consultant.


Daniel Lehnberg Introduction

A non-conforming, location independent consultant in the creative industries, with a beard as long as my distaste for office politics and unnecessary emails. I dropped out of university after my economics advisor proved to be everything but inspiring, opting to try my luck with a one way ticket to Shanghai instead. I've been on the road ever since. With nearly ten years experience in the online gaming and entertainment sector, I've been helping one of the world's largest gaming organisations with everything from bizdev, marketing, product management, and lately the pursuit of value innovation. I get bored easily, learn new skills fast, and feel most alive when I'm creating. Experience in conceiving, building, and shipping cross-platform products on a global scale with a proven track record. The creative tension around creating and launching new products and the chaotic mess of high pressure projects are both environments in which I thrive, especially when I have the opportunity to work with like minded individuals.

Daniel Lehnberg Work Experience