Daniel Novy

Daniel Novy

Investing into and helping the crypto space to grow.


Daniel Novy Introduction

Daniel Novy is Computer Scientist, Crypto Enthusiast, ConsenSys partner. ​Investing into and helping the crypto space to grow. He worked for ConsenSys, the largest company in the world specialized in blockchain solutions. Before joining ConsenSys, he founded Basebit, a Bitcoin exchange based in Brazil. His entrepreneur career started in 2005 when he founded MobileBR, the first Brazilian company to offer a mobile trading platform. Among its customers, MobileBR had the Brazilian president, his ministers, Brazilian Central Bank directors as well as the biggest banks and Brokerage Houses in Brazil. He has a BSc degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Financial Markets. His previous experience includes working with genetic algorithms, data mining, distributed systems and general artificial intelligence.

Daniel Novy Work Experience