Developing interactive and socially-connected experiences that go beyond entertainment.


Darewise Introduction

Darewise is an independent video game start-up studio, based in Paris, France. Founded in 2018 by veterans of the AAA games industry, it has quickly grown to a team of over 40 international talents situated across Europe. Our collective mission is to pioneer the next generation of high quality online multiplayer games where players can find their community, make social connections, and live out adventures that have a thematic resonance to the real world. We pride ourselves on our unique technical excellence, data driven approach and agility. In developing and publishing, we leverage state-of-the-art tools and technology. Our development process focuses on quick iterations and empowers our team members. Our games are built in the open, with frequent releases to our player community who are journeying along with us and helping inform every step of way. Darewise is backed by the confidence of tier 1 investors with champions like Skype, Spotify and AirBNB under their belts. We have a passion for multiplayer, ambitious online games that are safe and inclusive. Our mission is to create less violent, meaningful experiences that bring people together in a social entertainment space to live their online existence in a shared metaverse. Our friendly, device-agnostic games are meant to be accessible to all - a space where high-skilled, experienced players and beginners can play together in harmony. They are easily adaptable to our players’ schedule, allowing for short bursts of play or hour-long sessions. We advocate for the positive power of video games to create and foster deep and lasting friendships. We also believe that we are only just discovering what is possible in this medium, and we invite all fellow believers to explore and build together.

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