David Post

David Post

Managing Director for Chainlink Labs.


David Post Introduction

David Post is Managing Director, Corporate Development and Strategy at Chainlink Labs. I'm a business development, strategy, and operations executive with 15+ years experience designing, launching, and managing high profile initiatives. I excel (and enjoy) working in ambiguous environments where success requires the use of agile approaches for formulating both strategy and action. During my career, I have played a lead role in scaling internal startups to $1B+ businesses, engaging with the ecosystem to devise and implement innovative partnership models, increasing revenue by designing and rolling out growth initiatives across strategic accounts, and sourcing and closing 8 and 9 figure business and partnership opportunities. With substantial experience driving innovation at the intersection of emerging business models and disruptive technologies,I have strong track record of collaborating with colleagues, clients, and partners to implement high impact initiatives. As a former World Banker and recovering international relations academic, I'm also a self diagnosed travel addict and have visited 70+ countries. Specialties: strategy, sales leadership, GTM, customer success, partnership management, blockchain, corporate development, business development,marketplaces

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